Our Story

A long time ago, these five guys wanted to start a food truck. Then, they realized how much effort a food truck took to run, so they chose to operate a small, very event-specific catering company. That company did so well, it was super difficult for them to run catering alongside their day-jobs. So, after a long hiatus, an opportunity arose to open a food stall. Three of the guys liked the idea, one guy didn’t really care, and the other one is M.I.A. all the time. The guys thought really hard what to sell in their food stall. After long debates and tireless arguments, the guys settled on baos. Why baos? I don’t know; I was the guy who wanted to sell egg rolls. But, why not baos? Simple, delicious, and anything goes inside a bao. One word really sums it up: creativity. With a bao, our creations are endless!

Enough talk… Come by “Enter The Bao” at the Legacy Food Hall in Plano, and try all of our delicious creations!