Our Baos!

Dim Sum 2.0  
Sweet & succulent char siu pork belly, cool “street food” slaw, topped with crunchy Togarashi peanuts.


The K-Pop 

Savory braised beef kalbi, smoked gochujang sauce, caramelized kimchi, pickled daikon, and chopped scallions.



Seven Samurai 
Fresh house-made chicken sausage, mustard aioli, crispy chicken skin, with a charred shishito pepper.



Buddha Bao (vegetarian) 
A delicious and crispy vegetable fritter drizzled with tentsuyu sauce.



Orange Chicken
Crispy deep-fried chicken filet, dipped in orange marmalade sauce, then topped with the house slaw and kimchi aioli.

The Sides!

Furikake Fries
Hot, crispy fries seasoned with furikake seasoning.


K-Pop Brisket Fries
Hot & crispy seasoned furikake fries smothered with our savory kalbi braised brisket from the K-Pop bao, caramelized kimchi aioli, and topped off with fresh cilantro.




Hand-made chicken dumplings, deep-fried to a perfect golden brown, seasoned with our special-blend Japanese seasoning, and served with a side of our “Firecracker” sauce. Goes great with our Orange Chicken bao!